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What are Woobe's objectives?

Encourage, Support, Promote...

To provide a dedicated platform which helps recruit women into the workplace. We want to inspire and enable employers to actively encourage, support and promote women into ALL working roles at ALL levels.

Just as important...

We also want this platform to provide a career and networking resource for members by providing lots of useful free features to help support and promote women’s careers.

How Will We Achieve This?

By supporting the women of today we are helping the daughters of tomorrow...

Encouraging Gender Diversity

Woobe believe there is still much more work that can be done to encourage, support and promote women into all roles and positions of paid employment.

There is no place in the 21st century for genderised roles – women can and should be recruited into ALL areas of work at ALL levels of seniority. 

The Woobe platform will help employers by inspiring and enabling them to actively encourage, support and promote women into all roles at all levels of their workforce. This will maximise human resources and promote greater equality of opportunity for all employees, fostering gender diversity and gender parity in the workplace.

Building Bigger Networks

Woobe knows there are already many successful women and individual networking career groups BUT, imagine if we could join ALL these together in one place…

The Woobe platform will help link and build bigger, better, and stronger networks offering more support to more women across all ages, in all careers and all employment sectors. 

By joining together, we are complementing, connecting, uniting, and building bigger networks, creating a louder and stronger voice for us all.

Supporting Women's Careers

Woobe will provide a platform to help and support members identify, advance, and achieve their career goals at any age, at any stage.

Woobe members benefit from lots of free support from other members, networking groups, forums, blogs, articles, interviews and videos. 

Members can search for jobs and look for their next exciting role, knowing the employers advertising here support women and are actively seeking gender diversity and parity within their workforce.

We want our members to be actively involved with Woobe and welcome your contributions, suggestions, and comments.

Why you should join!

Help promote gender diversity and parity in the workplace

Search through the latest jobs for your next role

Connect with members and build bigger networks

Get careers support and employment advice

Create and contribute to groups and forums

Catch up with the latest news and interviews

Woobe is FREE to individual members as we want this to be a support community.

No payment or payment details required. Ever!