An introduction to Woobe

At Woobe, we encourage, support, and promote women into all roles, at all levels of employment. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this inspiring new platform, including the many benefits to both jobseekers and employers.

What is Woobe?

Woobe is a ground-breaking new careers and networking platform, dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and promoting women into all roles, within all industries, at all levels of employment. 

At Woobe, our mission is simple – to help improve gender diversity within UK workplaces, levelling the playing field to ensure that women are equally represented in all industries, and receive the same working conditions, opportunities, and pay as their male counterparts.  

We help women find great roles with gender diverse employers, help companies of all sizes recruit and retain female talent, and encourage employers to put flexible working conditions and support systems for parents and carers in place that allow both women and men to balance family commitments with prosperous and rewarding careers. 

What is gender diversity in the workplace? 

‘Gender diversity at work’ is just a fancy way of talking about the equal representation and treatment of women and men in the workplace. 

If all UK workplaces were gender diverse, we would see women and men being hired at a similar and consistent rate in all industries, at all levels. We would also see both sexes being paid equally in comparable positions, offered the same working conditions, and afforded the same opportunities for career progression and promotion. 

Why is Woobe needed?

None of us will see full gender parity in our lifetimes, and it’s unlikely that many of our children will either. That is the sobering judgment of the Global Gender Gap report 2020, which reveals that equality in the workplace will not be achieved, worldwide, for 99.5 years – if things remain as they are.

Despite huge advancements for women in the workplace in the last fifty years, many areas of business are dominated by men, particularly the STEM sectors (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Women find it more difficult than their male counterparts to secure roles within these industries, particularly high-level positions, and are often paid less than men occupying the same jobs. Sadly, this discrepancy in salaries (or ‘pay gap’) is seen across the board, in all industries and at all levels.  

Usually, the main caregivers for babies and young children, and often responsible for caring for sick or aging relatives, women can also find their careers are set back due to family commitments, falling behind their male peers when it comes to being selected for opportunities and promotions, and often unable to reach the top levels of their industry (experiencing the ‘glass ceiling,’ as it is often called.).

The prohibitively high cost of childcare in the UK also acts as a barrier to women entering or re-entering the workplace after having children. For many, the reality is simply that they cannot earn enough to cover or justify what they need to spend on ensuring their children are cared for adequately, and it’s often still the case that the man of the household is earning more than the woman, making childcare ‘her’ responsibility.

How will Woobe address gender diversity issues? 

At Woobe, we want to break down barriers for women in the UK employment market, with the ultimate goal that, in the not-too-distant future, gender will have little role to play in an individual securing the job, salary, and working conditions they want. This means collaborating to address gender diversity issues with both employers and jobseekers, male and female, as we all have a part to play in making Britain’s workforce more equal.  

From making recruitment processes more female friendly and helping companies address their unconscious biases toward women in the workplace, to encouraging employers to implement flexible working conditions and offering equal pay to both sexes, we’re avid supporters and very vocal champions of women in the workplace.

This does not mean we want to exclude working men, far from it! – we are all in this together, and we believe that opportunity should be based on ability, not sex. At Woobe, we welcome anyone who is interested in promoting gender diversity at work, whether female or male. 

What do we offer our members?

The Woobe platform is totally free for individual members, and available to both women and men.

We provide our members with a range of free careers and networking tools, to help support women in the workplace.

Features include:

Job search: Find your perfect position by searching all jobs, featured jobs, and by job category. All our employers are dedicated to improving gender diversity, and welcome applications from talented women, with a commitment to equal pay, conditions, and opportunities.

Groups: On the Woobe platform, you will find networking career groups, specific interest groups, and advisory groups on things like employment law, and HR.

Member following: Like a social network, Woobe members will be able to link up with, message, and follow each other to build their networks.

Employer following: Follow employers who actively want to be part of Woobe’s mission. Explore their profile page and read about their commitment to gender diversity.

Blog: Read the latest blog/posts from Woobe, and featured employers, and all things gender diverse! 

Interviews: Read or listen to interesting interviews with amazing working women, gender diverse employers, and experts in gender equality – both female and male.

Forums: Post your questions and observations, or help others solve gender diversity related dilemmas. 

Keep updated on the activity page: Read the latest posts from Woobe, featured employers, and your linked members.

I’m in! How can I join Woobe today?

Everyone is welcome to join the Woobe platform, whether you are an employer or employee, female or male, over 18, not working, working and in any industry – both in the UK and abroad.