About Us...

Our Vision

To provide a dedicated recruiting, networking and career platform for women.

Our Mission

To give all women the same opportunity to succeed in all working roles at all levels. We will do this by:

– Promoting and supporting gender diversity and gender parity within the workplace.

– Providing employers with a dedicated platform to help recruit women into their workforce. 

The same opportunity

In the 21st century you would think it would be the “norm” to have gender diversity and parity of pay within every company, in all departments, and at all levels.

Regrettably, this is not the case. Even today, women are still being overlooked for roles, or limited to certain areas of work, or not even considered at all. 

Gender diversity

Keeping it fair

There are many women who have effectively challenged gender stereotypes and achieved incredibly successful careers. However, the vast majority of women in senior positions would say this was accomplished by working significantly harder and longer to ‘prove themselves’.

We need to ensure women are given the same opportunity to succeed in ALL areas of work at ALL levels without being unfairly treated because of their gender or having to do that ‘little bit extra’.


Gender parity

Helping employers

Some employers have already made considerable progress towards achieving gender diversity and parity within their workforce and are looking to take this even further. 

Others simply need a dedicated platform to help them recruit women into their workforce.

However, some employers need help to change their restrictive and outdated views on what women can or can’t do. 

Encourage, support, promote

Final thought...

"I really think it's time to remove the elephant from the room and not keep stepping around it.
Whether done consciously or subconsciously, gender discrimination - in all its forms - needs to stop.
It's really very simple, if given the opportunity, women can work and excel in all areas of the workforce,
in all industries, at all levels".

Help us to encourage, support and promote gender diversity and parity within the workplace!