Gender diversity starts with your hiring!

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How important is gender diversity to your company?

Employers who hire with Woobe are committed to:

Encouraging Gender Diversity

A gender diverse workforce will bring with it a wider variety of perspectives. This will increase creativity and innovation and result in greater profitability.

Building Bigger Networks

Widen your search and increase your talent pool by building bigger and better networks with Woobe. Share your employer brand with a wider and more engaged audience.

Supporting Women's Careers

Hiring more women is just the start. Providing equal opportunities around pay and promotion will improve your employer brand and staff retention.

Actions speak much louder than words!

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Reach out to a wider audience

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Tell your company's story

It’s important to show people how important gender diversity is to your company. We can help you to build your employer brand by sharing your story with an active and engaged audience.

Hire more amazing women

Gender diversity starts with the people you hire! With Woobe you can post and share jobs, all year round. Posting your jobs on Woobe will lead to more applications and more hires. It’s that simple!

Put your support behind gender diversity

Show that you are dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and promoting women into all roles, within all industries, at all levels of employment, and make a real difference!

Make gender diversity your priority. 

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